Mission Statement

The mission statement is a small paragraph, written by students of the school for the students of the school. It is not a guideline or a set of rules; it is a reference for the students, to help them with remembering why we’re at school. It includes words that were chosen by pupils of the school that summarise school and ingredients for a good working environment. The mission statement also includes these words, meaning that the students have a mission statement that integrates the morals and necessities for their learning.

The Student Council started this project after it was suggested we undertook a project within school for the students. We then began to brainstorm ideas and decided on a project that delivers a message to the students. Our initial idea was for something to go into the school planners, but it soon developed into something also suitable to represent the student’s responsibility and independence. Designs were made and we tried a few formats and ways it could be represented. This then led to our final product; The Mission Statement.