August 2017 – GCSE Results

Kimberley students achieve excellent GCSE results

We are delighted to report that the school has followed up last week’s superb A-Level performance with an excellent set of GCSE results.   We are determined that Kimberley will be a centre of academic excellence and the results in 2017 demonstrate the improvements that we have made in the last 12 months.

Anyone following educational news in the last few months will know that Year 11 students in 2017 were the first to sit the new English and Maths GCSEs.  These new GCSEs are radically different from their predecessors and were only introduced when these students were part way through their secondary school education.  The changes included new content, new methods of assessment and new grades; indeed all modular assessment and coursework have been removed and everything rests on the final exams in the summer.

Teachers and students have worked incredibly hard to adapt to these changes and have had a nervous summer waiting to hear how they have done.  At the Kimberley School, we are delighted to report that their efforts have been successful and that they have achieved the best set of results the school has ever seen.

In the context of these changes it is difficult to make comparisons but at this early stage we can report that:

We are so proud of everyone’s achievements but there are some superb individual successes that are worthy of note:

Sian Langham gained a superb set of results with grade 9s in both Maths and English Literature, five A*s, one Distinction*, a grade 7 and two A grades.

Kian Miloro-Deakin also gained two grade 9s in Maths and English alongside one grade 8, five A*s, one Distinction*, one Distinction and one A grade.

Amy Keady is another student who gained two grade 9s in Maths and English Literature as well as a grade 8, two A*s and 5 A grades.

Hannah Walsh excelled with grade 9s in both English Language and English Literature in addition to  two A*s, Distinction*, a grade 7 and four As.

Claire Collins did extremely well and has achieved one grade 9, one grade 8, a Distinction *, four A*s, one A and a B.

Thomas Hall will also be extremely pleased with his grade 9, grade 8, Distinction* and four A* grades and two As.

Congratulations to all students on their successes this year.   They have faced unprecedented challenges as they have navigated this new exam system and we are proud of each and every one of them.  We look forward to seeing what they can achieve in the future.  Remember, it is not too late for students to secure a place at our high performing sixth form – if you are still looking for a place then please contact the school as we may be able to help.