Core PE

Years 7-9


Curriculum Modules

What will my child be learning?

How do I support my child?

Athletics Within each module students will be expected to:


●  Acquire and developing skills.


●  Make and apply decisions.


●  Develop a physical and mental capacity.


●  Evaluate and improve performance and understanding.


●  Make informed choices about active, healthy lifestyles.

Make sure your child brings the correct PE kit to every lesson (whether they are participating or not).


Practice skills with them at home.


Encourage them to participate in extra-curricular clubs/teams.


Encourage them to lead a healthy active lifestyle by getting them involved in physical activity outside of school and advising them on what foods/drinks are good/bad for them.


If you get the opportunity, take them to watch elite level sport and give them an opportunity to watch a role model, and to inspire them to be like them.

Games  (e.g. football, netball, rugby)
Health Related Exercise (HRE)
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA)


Extra Support:





Various extra-curricular clubs Monday – Friday lunchtimes Gym/Sports Hall/Astro
Various extra-curricular teams/clubs Monday – Friday after school Gym/Astro
Safari badminton Monday after school Sports Hall (Cost £1)
Gymnastics Club Tuesday after school  Sports Hall (Cost £1.50)
Us Girls Tuesday after school  Kimberley Leisure Centre (Cost £2)
Trampolining Club Thursday after school  Sports Hall (Cost £1.50)