Curriculum & Options

At Key Stage Three, students follow the National Curriculum as well as PSHCE and Learning Skills courses. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that aims to provide students with the skills they need as learners and to prepare them for GCSE courses. This is supported by a focus on creating an excellent learning experience for all students with a range of learning activities that engage and enthuse.

In Year 9, students choose the subjects they wish to continue with at GCSE. Our GCSE provision is supported by alternative education courses which provide a more vocational approach to learning for those students who struggle with more academic courses. The majority of our students will study 10 GCSE courses in total. Students are able to study the English Baccalaureate if they choose to do so and all of our GCSE courses are accredited as true GCSE courses and not GCSE equivalent. This means that the GCSEs your child studies will count when it comes to finding post-16 courses or employment.

Post-16, we offer a wide range of A Levels as well as some Level 2 options. These are enhanced by an enrichment programme that runs for Year 12 students which offers them the opportunity to learn new skills and prepare them for life as an independent adult.

We have a rigorous quality assurance system to ensure that students are able to achieve the best that they possibly can. Curriculum Leaders regularly analyse the progress that students are making and we have a well-developed training programme for staff that runs throughout the year so that all staff are highly skilled in planning and delivering lessons of the highest quality. A member of the Senior Leadership Team also patrols the school every lesson to check that the ‘climate for learning’ in each classroom is of the highest possible standard.

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If you require any further information about the curriculum our school is following, please feel free to contact one of the relevant subject teachers who will be happy to provide you with more information.