Year 10 Physics – Triple

Curriculum Modules What will my child be learning? What homework will they be set? How do I support my child?
P4 Electric circuits P4.1 Electrical charges and fields

P4.2 Current and charge

P4.3 Potential difference and resistance – Required Practical Activity

P4.4 Component characteristics – Required Practical Activity

P4.5 Series circuits

P4.6 Parallel circuits



The students are given a homework book, either higher tier or foundation tier based on their Kimberley School Target.

The students will be allocated pages to complete in this book for homework, which corresepond to the lessons taught in class.

The questions involve:

  • Key word tasks
  • Calculations
  • Recall of facts
  • Description of processes
  • Explanations




Help them revise from the classwork books.


Ensure they complete homework on time. Encourage them to ask their teachers for help if they are stuck.


Test knowledge and use of key words and terminology.

Help revision of key topics and required practical activities completed in class.

Encourage revision methods such as using flashcards to summarise and test knowledge.


P5 Electricity in the home P5.1 Alternating current

P5.2 Cables and plugs

P5.3 Electrical power and potential difference

P5.4 Electrical currents and energy transfer

P5.5 Appliances and efficiency

P6 Molecules and matter P6.1 Density – Required Practical Activity

P6.2 States of matter

P6.3 Changes of state

P6.4 Internal energy

P6.5 Specific latent heat

P6.6 Gas pressure and temperature

P6.7 Gas pressure and volume


P7 Radioactivity P7.1 Atoms and radiation

P7.2 The discovery of the nucleus

P7.3 Changes in the nucleus

P7.4 More about alpha, beta, and gamma radiation

P7.5 Activity and half-life

P7.6 Nuclear radiation in medicine

P7.7 Nuclear fission

P7.8 Nuclear fusion

P7.9 Nuclear issues


P8 Forces in balance P8.1 Vectors and Scalars

P8.2 Forces between objects

P8.3 Resultant forces

P8.4 Moments at work

P8.5 More about levers and gears

P8.6 Centre of mass

P8.7 Moments in equilibrium

P8.8 Parallelogram of forces (higher tier only)

P8.9 Resolution of forces (higher tier only)

P9 Motion P9.1 Speed and distance-time graphs

P9.2 Velocity and acceleration

P9.3 More about velocity-time graphs

P9.4 Analysing motion graphs

P10 Force and motion P10.1 Force and acceleration – Required Practical Activity

P10.2 Weight and terminal velocity

P10.3 Forces and braking

P10.4 Momentum

P10.5 Using conservation of momentum

P10.6 Impact forces

P10.7 Safety

P10.8 Forces and elasticity – Required Practical Activity


Support/study guides available:


Available From

Approximate Cost

CGP Study and question books (will last until the end of Year 11) Purchase online through sQuid, and can be collected from Mr Murray in S9 £14 for combined science

£20 for triple science

AQA Physics revision guide Oxford Press Triple Physics from Amazon
Approximately £6.
BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 BBC website Free

Other ways in which parents/carers can help:

  • Ensuring students complete homework on time.
  • Encouraging them to seek help if they are struggling.
  • Supporting students to revise for end of chapter tests.
  • Helping students to review tests to see where to improve and set targets to ensure progress.