Year 11 Physics – Triple

Curriculum Modules What will my child be learning? What homework will they be set? How do I support my child?
P11 Force and pressure P11.1 Pressure and surfaces

P11.2 Pressure in a liquid

P11.3 Atmospheric pressure

P11.4 Upthrust and floatation



The students are given a homework book, either higher tier or foundation tier based on their Kimberley School Target.

The students will be allocated pages to complete in this book for homework, which corresepond to the lessons taught in class.

The questions involve:

  • Key word tasks
  • Calculations
  • Recall of facts
  • Description of processes
  • Explanations




Help them revise from the classwork books.


Ensure they complete homework on time. Encourage them to ask their teachers for help if they are stuck.


Test knowledge and use of key words and terminology.

Help revision of key topics and required practical activities completed in class.

Encourage revision methods such as using flashcards to summarise and test knowledge.


P12 Wave properties P12.1 The nature of waves

P12.2 Properties of waves

P12.3 Reflection and refraction

P12.4 More about waves – Required Practical Activity

P12.5 Sound waves

P12.6 Uses of ultrasound

P12.7 Seismic waves

P13 Electromagnetic waves P13.1 The electromagnetic spectrum

P13.2 Light, infrared, microwaves and radio waves – Required Practical Activity

P13.3 Reflection and refraction

P13.4 Ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays

P13.5 X-rays in medicine


P14 Light P14.1 Reflection

P14.2 Refraction – Required Practical Activity

P14.3 Light and colour

P14.4 Lenses

P14.5 Using lenses


P15 Electromagnetism P15.1 Magnetic fields

P15.2 Magnetic fields of electric currents

P15.3 Electromagets

P15.4 The motor effect

P15.5 The generator effect

P15.6 Alternating-current generator

P15.7 Transformers

P15.8 Transformers in action


P16 Space P16.1 Formation of the Solar System

P16.2 Life history of a star

P16.3 Planets, satellites, orbits

P16.4 The expanding universe

P16.5 Beginning and future of the universe


Support/study guides available:


Available From

Approximate Cost

CGP Study and question books (will last until the end of Year 11) Purchase online through sQuid, and can be collected from Mr Murray in S9 £14 for combined science

£20 for triple science

AQA Physics revision guide Oxford Press Triple Physics from Amazon Approximately £6.
BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 BBC website Free

Other ways in which parents/carers can help:

  • Ensuring students complete homework on time.
  • Encouraging them to seek help if they are struggling.
  • Supporting students to revise for end of chapter tests.
  • Helping students to review tests to see where to improve and set targets to ensure progress.