Science Year 7 KS3

Curriculum Modules

What will my child be learning?

What homework will they be set?

How do I support my child?

 Biology B1 Cells, structure and function of bodily systems, reproduction. ● 6 mark questions.
● Practical write-ups.● Revision & flashcards.● Key words.
● Test knowledge and use of key words and



● Help revision of key topics

and practicals completed

in class.


● Encourage revision

methods such as using

flashcards to summarise

and test knowledge.


 Chemistry C1 Particles and their behaviour, elements, atoms and compounds, chemical reactions, acids and alkalis. ● 6 mark questions.
● Practical write-ups.● Word equations.● Revision & flashcards.● Key words.
 Physics P1 Forces, sound, light, space. ● 6 mark questions.
● Practical write-ups.● Calculations.● Revision & flashcards.● Key words.


Support/Study Guides Available:

Available From

Approximate Cost

CGP Study and Question books (will last until the end of Y9) Purchase on sQuid and collect from the science department (limited stock available) £10 through school (£20 from shops)
BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 BBC website Free


Other ways in which parents/carers can help:


●  Ensuring students complete homework on time.

●  Encouraging them to seek help if they are struggling.

●  Supporting students to revise for end of chapter tests.

●  Helping students to review tests to see where to improve and set targets to ensure progress.