Year 9 Chemistry – Combined

Curriculum Modules

(combined science –

AQA 8464)

What will my child be learning? What homework will they be set? How do I support my child?

Atomic Structure

·         Structure of the atom

·         History of the atom

·         Chemical equations

·         Separation techniques

·         Isotopes and ions

The students are given a homework book, either higher tier or foundation tier based on their Kimberley School Target.

The students will be allocated pages to complete in this book for homework, which correspond to the lessons taught in class.

In addition, questions may be set covering he following areas:

·         Long answer questions.

·         Practical write-ups.

·         Revision & flashcards.

·         Key words.





Help them revise using revision cards.


Help them revise from the classwork books.


Ensure they complete homework on time. Encourage them to ask their teachers for help if they are stuck.


The Periodic Table

·         Development of the Periodic Table

·         Reactions and trends in group 1 & group 7 elements

·         Electronic structure of atoms and ions


Chemical Changes

·         Reactivity series of metals

·         Reduction and oxidation

·         Displacement reactions

·         Extracting metals

·         Acids reactions – making salts

·         Strong and weak acids

·         pH curves


Support/study guides available

Title Available from Approx. cost
CGP workbook, exam practice question and answers books. These books cover the whole course (Y10 and Y11) Purchase online through sQuid, and can be collected from Mr Murray in S9 £14 for combined science

£20 for triple science


AQA Chemistry for GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy. Higher/Foundation Workbook Provided by the Science Department for use in class or at home Free
Revision Cards Purchase online through sQuid, and can be collected from Mr Murray in S9 3 x £3 for combined science


BBC Bitesize Key Stage 4 Free
Expert Guidance web site Free

Other ways in which parents/carers can help:

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