Science Year 9 Physics


Curriculum Modules

What will my child be learning?

What homework will they be set?

How do I support my child?

Physics P3 New technology,
turning points in physics,
  • 6 mark questions.
  • Practical write-ups.
  • Calculations.
  • Revision & flashcards.
  • Key words.
Test knowledge and use of key words and terminology.Help revision of key topics and practicals completed in class.

Encourage revision methods such as using flashcards to summarise and test knowledge.

Promote the use of Kerboodle to revisit content studied in

 Support/Study Guides Available:



Available From

Approximate Cost

CGP Study and question books (will last until the end of Year 9) Miss Iwanczuk, S7 £10 through school (£20 from shops)
Kerboodle support and homework Free (students provided with login)
BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 BBC website Free


Other ways in which parents/carers can help:


  • Ensuring students complete homework on time.
  • Encouraging them to seek help if they are struggling.
  • Supporting students to revise for end of chapter tests.
  • Helping students to review tests to see where to improve and set targets to ensure progress.


Please view our Year 9 Options Booklet 2017-2019 by clicking here.



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