Business & ICT

Business & ICT

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Year 12 ICT

Sample paper (inc. mark scheme)

Jan 17 paper

(mark scheme for above)-


Year 12 Business

Sample paper (inc mark scheme)


Jan 17 paper :

(mark scheme for above) –


Year  10 & 11 Computer Science

Paper 1 sample:

Paper 1 mark scheme:

Paper 2 sample:

Paper 2 mark scheme:


Year  9 Exam Week 15/01/18 All Subject detials


Subject Content to revise Exam Details Revision resources




Relationship poetry

Study poems in your Year 9 Anthology and remind yourself of the writer’s intention behind each poem and the reasons behind the language they use.

1 hour in the Hall

One essay style question on poems studied in class and one creative writing task

Exercise books

Yr9 revision sheet

Y9 Poetry anthology




Sets 1-3:

Laws of indices, Bounds, Standard Index Form, Constructions and loci, Area and perimeter of circles and sectors. Volume and Surface Area of prisms, Pythagoras’ Theorem, Mathematical Proof, Congruency, properties of quadrilaterals,

Straight line graphs, simplifying algebraic expressions



Sets 4&5: Prime numbers, HCF and LCM, Standard Index Form, BIDMAS including calculating indices, relative frequency, experimental probability, simplifying algebraic expressions, substitution,


1 Hour  in the Hall


Variety of single and multi-mark questions.

Exercise books


Revision Sheets




Practice drawing from a primary source 1 hour in class observational drawing test “Speed drawing” tutorials on YouTube.


Computer Science



Moral, legal and environmental concerns

Algorithms and programming

Computer Hardware, memory and storage

1 hour in class

long and short answer questions bitesize

Y9 Revision sheet





Features of

Documentary Drama

1 hour in class

30 mins prep, 30 mins performance time in groups

research archive materials for the ‘mise en scene’





Natural Hazards

The rise of China.

Short answer questions on topics from years 7 and 8

1 hour in the Hall

GCSE style questions – short answer then longer questions.

Exercise books

Revision sheets






World War I

1 hour in the Hall

10 subject knowledge questions and then four longer exam questions (3 based around source skills)

Exercise books bitesize

Y9 revision sheet






Family Relationships


1 hour in the Hall Writing paper:

Describing a picture.

Writing a paragraph.

Translation into Fr, Gm or Sp

Yr 9 Notes and vocab sheets

Religious Education




Humanism, Ethics and Religion (inc. non-religious views)

1 hour  in class

Questions ranging from multiple choice to mini essay

Class books, assessment books/feedforward,

BBC Religions/Ethics, Humanism: Y9 revision sheet




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