February 2016

EPQ Results

The two Sixth Form students who have studied the Extended Project Qualification have achieved excellent results. The results, published this month by the AQA exam board, show that both achieved grade A.

At The Kimberley School the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is undertaken on a voluntary basis and involves the Year 12/13 students choosing an area of study, researching it and then structuring and writing a 5,000 word essay.

While the qualification helps establish independent research skills, support is provided by teachers who are interested in the area of study chosen by the student. Together they spend time discussing the project and the themes within it. This means that students can develop a deeper understanding of a specific area of their interest well beyond the confines of the ‘A’ level specification.

As an additional bonus, the qualification also counts as an ‘AS’ level, adding to the students ability to prove their interest in a topic to universities and employers.

Mrs Stoddart