A Level Health & Social Care

Cambridge Technical Level 3


What is Advanced Health and Social Care?

Health and Social Care is a vocational course designed to prepare students for life after school, equipping them with real skills that may lead to Higher Education or take them directly into the workplace and/or further training. This course will prepare students for a range of careers, not just those in health or social care.


Who is it for?

Any student committed to hard work in a variety of different situations applying a wide range of skills, can achieve this valued qualification, you need not have studied Health and Social Care at GCSE level.


What will I study?

•    Over the 2 year course there are 360 LEARNING HOURS (A – Level equivalent)

•    3 units are examined.

•    There is 1 piece of mandatory coursework – Building positive relationships in H and S Care settings.

•    There are 2 more coursework elements – these can be selected from a list on offer. These can be done in any order at the centres decision.
•    This course leads to possible careers or further study in a range of  care settings – nursery, crèche, school, care homes, respite care and hospitals.


The course is made up of:


Year 12 – Certificate

Unit 1:  Positive relations in Health & Social Care.

This unit is internally assessed.
Students study the care offered in a range of settings, all of which could lead to potential opportunities for a career – babies, young children, individuals with physical or mental health disabilities as well as the elderly.

Unit 2:  Equality, Diversity and Rights.

This unit is examined.
This incorporates the provision of quality care and ensuring legislation is understood in all care settings.

Unit 3: Health, Safety and Security in Care Settings.

This unit is examined.
It covers Health and Safety legislation and good practice.


Year 13 – Diploma

Unit 4:  Anatomy and Physiology

This unit is examined and looks at body functions, illness and well-being.

Unit 5:  There are a range of options in this section

This unit is selected from a list of options. It is Internally Assessed.


For the final Unit, students complete a portfolio which equates to 90 hours leaning.
It is internally assessed and the options are:


See Mrs. Blythe or Mrs. Marley for further details.