January 2016

 Letter from John Wilson

Dear Parents and Carers

You will have received a letter from Mr Teal on January 8th 2016 advising you that he intends to retire at the conclusion of this Academic Year.

Many of you have expressed your disappointment at this news, as did the Governing Body when it received the same message late in the Autumn Term.

The Governing Body would wish to place on record its profound thanks to Mr Teal for his very dedicated service and his transforming impact on the education of our students and the place of Kimberley School within its Community.

The Governing Body have worked with the Directors of EMET to find a suitable replacement. Following a robust interviewing process, Governors were unanimous in their decision to recommend Mr Andrew George, presently the Head teacher of South Wolds Academic and Sixth Form Centre in Keyworth, for the position.

On Monday January 19th the Directors of EMET endorsed the Governor’s decision. Governors are sure that you will give Mr George a warm welcome and your full support when he takes up his post on September 1st 2016.

There will be many occasions prior to that date when Mr George will be in School to ensure the smoothest of handovers. Students will, therefore, be able to meet him over the coming months.

Yours sincerely

John Wilson OBE
Chair of the Governing Body


Retirement Letter

I write to inform you formally of my decision to retire from my position as the Headteacher of The Kimberley School at the end of this academic year.

I would like to thank all of you for the tremendous support you have afforded me during my time here.  It is the depth of your support that has made the school such a special place for me and brought a real sense of worth to my role.

What I will certainly miss are the students; sharing in the successes and challenges of our children, their hopes and aspirations and watching them grow into responsible and caring adults that make all of us so very proud.

Naturally, I will also miss my colleagues.  I count myself fortunate to work amongst such a talented team of caring, exceptional people.  It is they that are responsible for the quality of your child’s experience at this school and I know very well that their commitment and the high professional standards we all strive for will be undiminished by my absence.

I am in no position, currently, to be able to announce my replacement but please rest assured that this is a matter of priority for the Governors of the school and the Directors of EMET.  I am sure you will be notified at the earliest opportunity when an appointment has been made.

The school will always have a place in my heart and I firmly believe it has a secure and bright future.  We are a proud school with a clear sense of identity and a secure place in our local community.  We are further strengthened by our place as a founding member of the East Midlands Education Trust and the like-minded partner schools we now work alongside.  I will follow the future successful development of The Kimberley School with great satisfaction and interest.  It has been an absolute privilege to serve as the Headteacher of this school for the past nine years and I can think of no greater or more satisfying way to end a 36 year career in teaching.

Yours sincerely

Chris Teal