July 2016

Koblenz Trip 2016


Pokémon Go Warning

We are advised by the Nottinghamshire Police to alert parents/carers with regard to the new release of the “Pokémon Go” smart phone application.  The app, which is currently the top grossing app on both the Apple and Android download charts, encourages gamers to discover in-game characters in the ‘real world’ using the location services on their smartphones.   Users travel to real world locations where Pokémon characters appear on-screen through their smartphones camera. Gamers can then attempt to ‘catch’ each character and battle other gamers in the real world to progress within the game.

With the school holidays approaching and the first weekend since Pokémon’s UK release where many are expected to download the app, Nottinghamshire Police is reminding children, their parents and other grown-ups playing the game about the need to stay safe online.  This is, of course, just one application of many where there are potential safeguarding and child sexual exploitation risks.  The Nottinghamshire Police is therefore appealing to parents to remind them of the importance of open and honest dialogue with their children surrounding their phone use and the potential associated risks.

Although we know that Pokémon Go is becoming hugely popular and we don’t wish to discourage anyone from enjoying this game, we do need to take the opportunity to highlight the potential risks to parents.

To see some tips on how to stay safe online, please click here.



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