March 2016

March 2016 Interactive Newsletter:

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Sports Relief 2016

DSC05479On Friday 18th March, The Kimberley School hosted a lively and fun-filled day to unite in the nationwide fundraising for Sports Relief. This tremendous charity gives 50% of the money raised to help those in need within the UK and the other 50% to people struggling around the world in the poorest communities. The money goes towards helping people’s mental and physical welfare as well as providing vital education to children. Kimberley’s pupils approached the day with energetic enthusiasm and excitement. Joggers, leg warmers, and sweatbands galore- the students donned their best sports gear to take part in a mile run and enjoy other dynamic activities such as dodgeball, rowing, and penalty shootouts. Whilst many shed pounds during rigorous exercise, others shed both hair and tears during the highly anticipated leg waxing! Additionally stalls selling cakes, hosting contests, and displaying the schools overwhelming talent at an open-mic proved a huge success. Thank you to all the teachers and sixth-formers for arranging an extraordinary day and the pupils who took part and donated to raise a whopping ¬£1,632. You all helped make the School’s Sports Relief ¬†fundraiser a day to remember.