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Germany & History field trip.


Berlin Trip

For Years 9 – 11, with Mr Vinter, Mrs Moss, Mr Chambers and Miss Walter accompanying the students.

See the Student shot video of the trip:


Check out this video of the trip:


Geography Study Trip to Iceland

Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd April

Iceland, with a population of around 320,000, attracts over 4 million visitors a year and it’s easy to see why. Immediately upon landing the landscape looks completely different to anywhere you’ve been before – almost lunar. Mr Watson and I took 20 students in Year 11 and Year 13 on the trip of a lifetime for an action-packed 4 days.

We were able to revise tectonic hazards by literally walking from the North American to the Eurasian tectonic plate and seeing the mighty Eyjafjallajökull volcano which grounded planes across Europe when it erupted in 2010. On Friday, the UK achieved its first coal-free day whilst we learnt about how Iceland has been heating its water in a sustainable way for years at Hellisheidi geothermal power station. As well as heating water underground for domestic and business use, the pipes transferring the water are criss-crossed below the roads in central Reykjavik so even in the depths of winter there is no need for grit!

We got up close and personal with several waterfalls, with Seljalandsfoss being particularly memorable as we were able to walk right behind it and see how it had cut away a deep plunge pool as we got drenched with spray. Trekking across Solheimajokull glacier was a great introduction to glaciation, but also scary to see how much it has retreated and that it may not be there in the future.

It was an incredible opportunity for our students to see so many of the things we have studied in lessons first-hand. We also found time to spot dolphins on a boat trip and relax in the Blue Lagoon – in the snow!

Talking to the students at our meal on the last night, it is so difficult to choose a highlight – climbing the basalt columns at Reynishverfi beach, watching a geyser erupt – though we agreed the eggy smell of solfataras probably wasn’t it!

Incredible as it is, Iceland did pose some challenges – seasickness, random snow flurries and gale force winds, but our students in true Kimberley fashion displayed a great team spirit and were a pleasure to spend time with.


Check out this video of the trip made by Ms. Gungaram:


German Exchange

Thirteen students from years 8 and 10 enjoyed a memorable week in Aachen, Germany, as guests of our partner school the Anne Frank Gymnasium. The 6 day programme in March included a day trip to Düsseldorf, a tour of the historic city of Aachen and a wonderful meal in the Old Town. Our students also got to spend some time in school, attending lessons and completing projects with their German partners. They spent most afternoons with their host families, exploring the local sights, trying new foods and experimenting with the language.

Here were just some of the things they had to say:

“I had a really great time on the exchange. My partner Louis and his friends were really nice and so were his parents. I would really recommend the trip to other students, even if they are shy or nervous, as it really builds confidence and communication skills” – Louis Parkes
“I have had a wonderful time in Germany and Mika’s family was really nice. The highlight of the trip for me was ordering food in German and going up the Rhine Tower in Düsseldorf.” – Joshua Caley

“I loved chilling out and relaxing in Aachen during our visit to the city. It was great to sit in the park and go shopping with our new friends” – Ella Peacock

“The food and culture is amazing and I want to visit Germany again in the future” – Lily Orme

“This was my third consecutive year doing the exchange, so it was nice to catch up with old friends here, as well as make new friends and create new memories”-  Ellie Knowles

“During the exchange I have experienced so many new things, such as different foods and new cities. I have really got to know and love Germany”Lucas Martin

“My host family was so nice and made me feel really welcome.  Would highly recommend the trip because it’s a great opportunity to learn about a new culture and practice your German…” – Carys Williams

“I enjoyed visiting the film museum and seeing the amazing views from the Rhine Tower in Düsseldorf. I would strongly recommend doing the exchange because you can extend your German vocabulary and learn lots of everyday language” – Jasmine McDonald

“The trip is very useful for later life because it teaches you to be more independent” Amelia Dorkes

“Aachen is a really lovely city! I enjoyed doing the city tour, shopping and eating ice cream with our German friends” Megan Naylor

“I would recommend the German exchange because it is a completely unique experience and while there were challenges, there were also many highlights, such as the trip to Düsseldorf ” – Max Binch

“I loved going to Space Jump with all of the English and German students” – Alex McGuckin-Walsh

“I would definitely recommend the exchange to everyone. My German skills have benefitted so much and it’s a great experience, going to a new country and seeing how people live” – Daniel Walker


Year 11 trip to Nuremburg

In January, 19 students from across the German and History departments visited Nuremberg on an educational adventure fit for everybody. The trip began on the bright, sunny afternoon of Friday the 20th January and concluded in the early hours of the following Tuesday morning. We stayed in a picturesque youth hostel, which was renovated from a medieval castle into modern and cosy accommodation and is situated next to the Kaiserburg.

On the first day of three, we visited the former Nazi Party rally grounds, the documentation museum, the city centre and Kristall Palm Beach, which was an amazing waterpark where we spent 2 hours having fun.

The following day, we visited the Museum of the Nuremberg Trials. It was interesting to step inside the actual courtroom where the Nazis were convicted of their crimes in the 1940s and interesting to see how these trials have affected law today. In the evening, we needed a bit of light entertainment (!) so we all went to the cinema – which is the largest in Germany. We went to see ‘La La Land ‘– some loved it and some were less than enthusiastic!

On our last day, we visited the medieval castle next to where we were staying. We saw a deep well, where our tour guide dropped water in it and lowered a candle down to the ground to demonstrate the depth. Finally, we visited the bunker in which Hitler stored all of his stolen artwork.

Our last meal of the trip was at a traditional German restaurant where we all had a delicious Bavarian meal before departing. Overall, we had a great trip and would like to thank Mrs Moss and Mr Vinter for giving us a wonderful opportunity and an unforgettable experience.

Words: Hannah Devonport & Catherine Saunders (Year 11)


CERN Geneva Science Trip

DSCF3055Last Thursday, a group of our Year 12 and 13 physics students went to Geneva to visit CERN and the LHC, as part of a joint trip with Trinity School and in partnership with The Ogden Trust. On the Thursday, we departed for Trinity at lunch time and spent most of the afternoon travelling down to Luton to fly out to Geneva in the evening. Once we arrived, after a thankfully smooth, uninterrupted flight, we headed to the youth hostel to unpack and get ready for the day ahead of us on Friday.

After an early breakfast on Friday morning at 8am (7am our time!), we headed out for a short walk around Geneva where we saw Lake Geneva and  Saint Pierre’s Cathedral, which is situated on a hill overlooking most of the city. There was a long walk up a tight flight of spiral stairs that led up into the spire, where there was an amazing, if a bit windy, view of the city below. We were then allowed some free time to shop and look around for ourselves. During this time, we came across some outrageously expensive items including pens and watches that cost more than 10,000 Swiss francs and a huge floral clock that actually kept time!

DSCF3021In the afternoon, we took the train out to the CERN main building to eat a swift lunch and then to attend a lecture about the purposes and goals of CERN. We were told how CERN and the LHC are helping to drive forward the technology in particle detecting and how some of these technologies are then made available to the public. We were told about how the internet was developed for experiments taking place at CERN to allow the data to pass around the world to all the member states. The lecture also taught us about some of the key questions CERN has set out to try and answer such as; why do particles have mass? And why isn’t there an equal amount of matter and antimatter? After this, we were taken on a short coach journey crossing the French border to visit the LHCb experiment where we actually went down underground to see the detector. It was amazing to see how large the detector was, considering how impossibly small the things it is trying to detect are. We were also taken up close to an old decommissioned detector that was used as part of the old LEP ring the LHC replaced, but was too big to excavate so they just rolled it out of the way to make room. We were actually allowed to touch and see the inner workings.  Before being taken down to the detector, we were given a talk about how each individual part of the detector worked and what they told us about the properties of the particles. We were also taken to see the control room for the detector, which was full of countless monitors.

That night, we went to a fondue restaurant serving us trays of meat to cook in a hot broth in the middle of the table. The meal was accompanied by music being played by a man with a guitar and harmonica who would leave after every song, only to return, to the amusement of everyone eating.

DSCF3062On the Friday, we headed back to CERN to visit the Microcosm and Universe of Particles exhibitions. The Universe of Particles consisted of a large dome shaped room with LCD displays on the walls to make it look like we were moving around in space. It also contained a lot of interactive touch enabled displays dotted around the room which could be manipulated to show maps of discoveries made by CERN and the designs of early colliders that used to be in commission there. In the Microcosm, we could play around with interactive demonstrations aimed more at the particles. These demonstrations included compasses aimed all around a magnet to show the field lines and two weights to show the difference in gravity on the Moon and the Earth. There was also a film to inform us
about what CERN was searching for whilst showing footage of what the LHC ring looks like 100m underground.After revisiting CERN, we went on a boat ride around Lake Geneva, where we went up close to the giant 140m high water spout and looked at some old castles and fancy homes of famous people who lived in Geneva including the inventor of Colgate toothpaste!


Lake Garda Music Trip

1gardaDSCN0594Thirty-six members of the Music Department at The Kimberley School aged 11-17 and four staff headed to Italy on 29th July 2014. Rain on departure meant for a speedy exit but didn’t dampen spirits. The blue hoodies worn by the group became the uniform of the week. We safely arrived Monday afternoon at Hotel Parco della Fonte. Students disembarked, slightly weary from the overnight coach journey but nevertheless the sun was welcomed and the sun cream was soon flowing. Tuesday saw the group embarking on a journey to Lago Del Garda (Lake Garda). A boat journey with stops at Limoné and Malcesine made for a pleasurable afternoon. We even had time to reflect on what those back home would be doing during what would have been tutor time, not that this happened for long. Some students walked the many steps to the top of Malcesine Castle. Mr Tate even managed to accidentally ‘photobomb’ an English wedding party who had got married that day.

Tuesday evening saw the group perform open air in Levico Terme to an audience of around 85 locals and visitors. Solos from various students had some of the audience in tears. First night nerves were soon forgotten and the performance continued until the heavens opened and hindered proceedings. Teamwork, which was prominent all week, soon kicked in and the students packed away equipment swiftly and calmly and reflected on the first night’s performance. For many of the students involved, this was their first trip abroad and a first opportunity to perform in the open air.

Wednesday, a welcome trip to the Caneva Waterpark. Mrs Fitzsimons and Mr Tate joined the students in the thrills and spills of some of the tallest waterslides I’ve ever seen – not for the faint hearted!  After dinner (pasta again!!), the group descended on Salo and performed for the public in what would be the performance of their lives. Slight problems with the coach meant a late arrival to Gardone Riviera, but the students put this behind them and created a lively atmosphere which again drew in the crowds. The Samba band set the standard for a blistering set, followed by duets and solos from Year 8 and Year 9 students. After a swift pack up (another example of the group’s incredible teamwork), beds were calling but the students remained hyped up the whole way home.

DSCN0589Thursday provided the opportunity for the students to give something back. Their last concert was at a Nursing home, Casa Serena, Verona.  60 out of the 400 residents took their places for an afternoon of Rock, Samba, solos and duets and all students were involved in making it an afternoon to remember. Bruno, aged 76, told us that he danced professionally in his youth and he even took to the floor with Miss John-Baptiste during Car Wash and to show off his dance moves. His fellow residents, Livia and Maria, were very vocal of their opinions and expressed how well they thought the students were performing. Anna, another resident, even managed to crochet in time to the beat of the different songs.

After the best meal of the week (12 inch wide pizzas and panacota), the group arrived at the Arena di Verona to watch “Aida”. Amazing use of performers had the students glued, with requests to stay right till the end (even though this meant a very late night). Lack of Italian translation did not put off the students and I’m sure it’s an experience they will never forget.

DSCN0615Friday, our last day. Comments of “Can we stay another week Miss…? Sir, I don’t want to go home… Do we have to go by coach?” rang in the air. Soon forgotten as the hoodies were donned once again for the long journey home. The evening scenery through Switzerland was followed by the most intense and dramatic electric storm ever seen. One storm-followers would have envied.

Saturday morning and big breakfasts were on the menu on our ferry bound for Dover. We said our goodbyes to Paul and Dave, our enthusiastic drivers of the week, and we arrived safely back to our families by 2pm in the afternoon. All in all, the experience has definitely made a lasting impression on the group and we would like to thank all those who made it possible.

To view videos of the amazing musical performances from this trip please view our interactive newsletter by clicking here.

We even made it into the local newspaper, you can view the article here.

Words: Miss John-Baptiste
on behalf of The Kimberley Music Department


Koblenz Trip 2014

vinter2In June, a large group from Kimberley visited Koblenz, a beautiful city at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers.  We stayed in a youth hostel in an old fortress on the top of a huge rock, accessible by a kind of lift on rails!  We had a cruise down the river on a large boat, passing the famous Loreley rock, where we would picnic the next day.  There must have been a dozen castles along the river gorge, set amidst the vineyards.  We also went to two castles, saw a local vineyard and learned about winemaking.  We also went shopping and went on chair lifts to get some spectacular views over the Rhine.  We took the spectacular cable car over the Rhine at Deutsches Eck and also found time to go swimming twice.  In the evenings we had some free time but also did some extra games, which were great fun.  On the last night, everyone was presented with their unique
certificate and a fridge magnet showing the extraordinary location of our youth hostel and Koblenz!

Everyone in our group was excellent company; they were the best ambassadors and fully embraced the opportunities this trip offered them, in lovely surroundings and beautiful weather.

This is what the students said about the trip:

It was great in Germany. The hot sun beating down on my neck, traditional food at its best and swimming in the pool. But the best part was the journey as everyone was excited to go there.  Jaque Crampton

Germany was an unforgettable experience, there was not a dull moment. The view over Koblenz was amazing and the weather was beautiful. I recommend this trip to anyone who gets the chance. I’ll never forget it.  Catherine Saunders

The local people were really kind and welcoming and everywhere we went was incredibly breathtaking and scenic. We got to try so many different foods which were excellent! The whole trip was an amazing experience and I would recommend it!   Ruby Bramble


Day trip to the Opal Coast, France

4Le Voyage

The French trip journey was exciting. Everyone was having a great time, even though people were asleep, on games or chatting most of the way. On the way back, everyone was excited to come home to get a good night’s sleep in their comfy bed!    Sophie Holmes

The journey to France was exhausting, because I didn’t get a lot of sleep as I was too busy playing on my phone, but it was worth it! Our coach was immaculate when we got on there and most of the people tried to keep it that way, but it was very dirty at the end of the trip, so we had to clean it!

The Eurotunnel was a nice relief for my legs because I was sat down all that time and I was allowed to walk around and chat to my friends who were sat further down the bus.

The trip back seemed shorter, probably because I slept most of the way due to a tiring and busy day.   Ryan Wigg

Le Marché

2The market in France was beautiful! There was a welcoming atmosphere! All the stall owners were very kind and they were reasonable with their pricing. There was a range of different products for sale on the market. Some sold clothes, others jewellery. On top of that there were souvenir stalls, fruit and vegetable stands, meat lorries and a baker. Unlike in England, the stall owners’ main selling technique was to be kind to the customers, encouraging us to buy something off their stall. Overall, the market in France was a very lovely place!   Faith Banks

When we got to the market, we got into our group of friends and looked around. We had to get something for lunch as well as souvenirs. Most of us bought French baguettes for €1! The market sold almost everything and we were there for a good hour and a half. Altogether it was a really good experience.  Rowan Smith

La Boulangerie Maillard

I enjoyed visiting the Boulangerie Maillard. I enjoyed learning how different types of bread are made and about what ovens are used to cook them. My favourite part of the visit was making the croissant and pain au chocolat and eating them! Freshly made croissants and baguettes taste amazing!  Natasha Khosla

Les chocolats de Beussent

5On our way to the chocolate factory, everyone was excited and imagined it like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It kind of was because there was a lot of chocolate, and even a small guy making and destroying chocolate bunnies! They showed us how the shapes were made; so when I got home I made my own chocolate shapes. The whole trip was really good and I would go again if I had the opportunity. I would definitely recommend it to others!  Max Ibbetson

The chocolate factory grows its own cocoa beans in a farm in Ecuador. They make lots of different chocolates such as dark, milk and white. When we were there, we learnt what ingredients go in each. In all chocolate, there are  cocoa beans and sugar, but in milk chocolate there is also milk and in white chocolate there is cocoa butter. At the end of the tour, we got to try a chocolate which was shaped as a love heart. The chocolate had a small nut in the middle which made it even nicer!   Lucy Morgan

Cité Europe

6We went to the shopping centre for dinner and I had a Mc Donald which I loved. We went in our groups of friends and looked around. It was similar to England but bigger!  Oliver Damyan

When I went on the French trip I had a great time, but my favourite place has to be the massive shopping centre. We went in groups of 3 to 6 students which was alright. The teachers showed us the meeting place outside McDonalds and everyone went in! With my group, we saw an arcade which we had to go in! We played ice hockey, table football, pool and much more. It was great fun. We then went to Toys R Us where two of my group bought Teddies. I didn’t, as I was saving up for a McFlurry! Out of 10, I think the shopping centre deserves a 9, but only because I wish we could have had more time to explore as it was so big!   Becky Matthews


Malaysia Trip News

See our full report here:

malaysia report

The students returned safely after a mammoth 23 hour journey. None of them wanted to come back. They had the time of their lives. They worked hard and played hard. They were a credit to the school. The ecofield trip organisers said that this was the best group of students they have had in 20 years. The students were enthusiastic, well-mannered and willing to learn. You can be very proud of them all. Their behaviour was immaculate.

The icing on the cake was the appearance on national news:

and a one hour performance on national radio:

Malaysia Trip

Field Trip 2013 – MALAYSIA
29th June—10th July

Crops for the Future Research Centre (CFFRC)—University of Nottingham
Ecological Field Trip – Tioman Island


30 June – arrive Kuala Lumpur — staying with British families
1 July – CFFRC. Biodiversity measurements of palm oil plantation field. Chinatown during evening.
2 July – CFFRC. Biodiversity measurements contd. Traditional Malay food court dinner during evening.
3 July – Tioman Island.
8 July – KL sightseeing. Eat out in KL, Jalan Alor.
9 July – Elephant sanctuary at Kuala Gandah – final BBQ dinner
10 July – Travel home!