Ofsted result boosts Kimberley’s standing with “Good”.

Staff and students alike are joyfully reassured with the results of the recent Ofsted inspection after a huge turn around in the last twelve months.  Many well considered improvements to the quality of learning and infrastructure were acknowledged and since proven effective. Congratulations from the Head– “it is well deserved”.

In light of this result and with its making as a strong foundation, Kimberley School is free to focus and aim for outstanding.

Kimberley is an Ofsted “Good” school. 


“The School has improved significantly over the last 12 months.  Staff, pupils and parents all understand and appreciate the positive effect of changes made over this period.”


“There have been significant improvements in key stage 4 outcomes in 2017”


“The large majority of pupils now make consistently good progress across all year groups”


“Pupils are making good progress in the sixth form in a wide-range of subjects”


“Lessons are calm and orderly.  Relationships in lessons are often supportive, friendly and helpful.”


“Pupils behave well at lunchtime and breaktime… they feel safe and are not concerned about bullying”


More details can be viewed in the official report here;

The Kimberley School OFsted 10036075 Final PDF