Code of Conduct

Arrive at lessons on time
Line up quietly for lessons
Always wear your uniform correctly
Sit where you are asked to in the classroom
Always listen and follow the teacher’s instructions
Never stop other learning
Bring the correct equipment for each lesson
Do your best every day and show respect to everyone

Performance Marks
4. You have produced work to the best of your ability.
3. Your work was generally good but there is room to improve.
2. Your work is not up to standard. You could have done better.
1. Your work is poor. You are seriously underachieving.

Golden Rules(Photo by David Baird -

One person talking – others listen
Arrive to lesson on time
Have the required equipment for each lesson
Respect everyone – treat other people equally
No food or chewing gum. No drinks in certain areas
Always try your best to get a 4
Respect school equipment
Complete all homework and hand it in on time
Mobile phones and electronic gadgets are banned
Take the seat you were given


The one overall rule for everyone to remember is to act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times in school, and to and from school.

Be punctual at all times
Be polite
Move around school in a sensible way
Be prepared to hold doors open
In class, make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach
Do not eat in lessons
Do not drop litter
Always try hard
Treat other students with respect, and do not humiliate or hurt the verbally or physically
Respect all achool property
At the end of lessons, where equipment has been used, make sure equipment is returned in the correct place
Take care of your own property and respect that of others
Follow school dress regulations
Before leaving the school campus, gain permission
Smoking materials, alcohol, dangerous substances and anything else that the school considers to be a distraction or might endanger another person, must not be brought to school
In the case of theft of a prohibited item the onus will be on the student’s family to report the matter to the police. The school will not investigate such incidents.

Out of school, locally or away with a school group, you should remember that the school’s reputation depends on the way you behave.