House System

All students and staff are allocated to a House. The four Houses take their names from famous people from the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area.

They are:


The House system encourages a sense of identity and collaboration. Each Tutor Group is aligned to one of the Houses and there is a number of House competitions organised each year to encourage cross-year collaboration and achievement.

TUTORS and ROOMING 2017-2018

Year/House Teacher
YEAR 7 7B KB Miss Kelly Benjafield/ Mrs A Marley

Mr Williamson (TW)

Assistant YPL

Mrs Tracey Blythe (TQB)

Transition Coordinator

Mr J Watson (JXW)


7B RN Miss Rebecca Nahal (Maternity SHJ)
7C VP Mrs Valerie Panczuk
7C JLW Mr Jonathon Whellan
7L AJ Miss Anna Johnson
7L DM Mr Daniel Marriot
7N GG Miss Gemma Gough
7N SOB Mrs Sam O’Brien
YEAR 8 8B SSU Mrs Sunita Suri

Mr Tuck (OT)


Assistant YPL

Miss Lauren Hanks (LH)

8B MXB Mr Matthew Bacon
8C AR Mr Alex Roache
8C JEW Miss Jenna Wardle/ Mrs T Raine (Thurs)
8L VM Miss Verity Mumby
8L SA Miss Sarah Attlesley
8N MXW Mr Duncan Heald (Mrs L Moss Tues P3 – L3)
8N JCC Mr James Cullen
YEAR 9 9B BC Mr Benn Corbett

Miss Cooper (EC)


Assistant YPL

Miss Rachel Brett (RB)

9B PC Mrs P Crespo
9C EW Miss Emily Webb
9C NH Mr Henderson(Mr A Murray –(MonA,ThurB)
9L SJC Miss  Sarah Cottee
9L LJ Miss Laura Jackson
9N JEM Mrs Judith Moffatt/Mr Justin Wightman
9N MF Mr Matt Fullwood
YEAR 10 10B RDB Dr Raff Del Buono

Mr T Allen (TZA)


Assistant YPL

Miss Megan Williams


10B DPH Mr David Howes
10C RF Mr Richard Field
10C GRS Dr Georges Soobramanien(T ChambersWed)
10L KZR Miss Kaylee Rice
10L AS Mr Andrew Smith
10N LSC Mrs Louise Croft
10N CWW Mr Christopher Watts
YEAR 11 11 CEB Mrs Claire Bruce

Mrs Blacow (GAB)


Assistant YPL

Debbie Taylor (DT)

11 KG Mr Karl Glendenning
11 MGW Mr Grant Warrender
11 CF Miss Claire Fletcher
11PFA Mr Paul Abbott
11JWG Mr Joseph Gent
11DIS Mr David Sells
11NG Miss Natalie Gunn
11LZM Miss L McKinnon/Miss K Anderson
SIXTH FORM Mr Richard Jolly/ Ms Nicola Wade

Director of 6th Form

Mrs S Livings (SML)

Learning Coordinator

Mrs J Booth (JB)


Miss Emilia Iwanczuk

Miss Louise Gungaram
Mr Rob Yates
Mrs Laura Bird
Mr Simon Smith
Mr Andrew Vinter
Mr C Wharmby
Mr Richard Hillier
Mrs Jo Glynn/ Mrs Susie Stoddart


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a senior Student?

You have to complete an application form by having 10 sections signed off by your teachers. Your Head of House will then decide whether your application has been successful. Mrs McLardie will explain all of this in detail in an assembly in second half ofthe Spring Term when Year 11 students have begun their exams.

Who are Head Boy and Girl and what do they do?

Their names are Emma Clements and Jack Allsopp and are both in Year 13. Emma and Jack are here to represent you so if you have any concerns or ideas about the school see your School Council representative who will pass them on. Jack and Emma meet Mr Teal and the Senior Leadership team once a month to feedback your comments. They also represent the School at events in the community such as the service of Remembrance in November

What are Peer Mentors?

Peer mentors are students of your age, or older, who have been trained to support you. They are there to help and be an extra friend as they may have gone through the problem you currently have, for example friendship issues. Peer mentors have answers to many questions you may ask.

How many House Points does my House have?

Check it out when you pass House Base as they change daily!

What are the current merit totals?

Take a look on the board outside House Base. Is your house in the lead? If not, why not? Make sure you collect all your merits form your teachers and have them entered by your ‘merit monitor’ every Tuesday in Tutor Period

What is House base?

House Base is where all the Heads of House/Year are based. You might be asked to go there if we need to talk to you and this might be to say ‘well done’ or it might be to ask you to help us investigate an incident. Mrs Marshall manages the House Base and she is there to help you.

Where can I go for help?

Your tutor is the first person or your subject teacher if something happens in the lesson. Everyone is here to help you though and never be afraid to ask.

What times are my lessons?

8.50-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.00 Lesson 1
10.05-11.05 Lesson 2
11.05-11.20 Break
11.20-12.20 Lesson 3
12.20-1.0 Lunch
1.00-2.00 Lesson 4
2.05-3.05 Lesson 5

What are the Current Charity Totals

Take a look at the Charity notice board in Main Reception when you are there. Our target for this year is £6800 and we hope you help us raise at least that much.