Student Voice

The 11 Kimberley School Student Council Reps are in place and are meeting regularly to work on any issues pupils have to make the school a better place.

Each tutor group has also elected a representative who will provide a vital line of communication between the tutor group and the Student Council, ensuring all pupils’ ideas are heard.

We are in the process of appointing our Eco-Reps. The aim is to establish a smaller, but committed team who will bring suggestions of how our school could become more ecologically sound and bring these ideas to fruition through new projects and initiatives in the very near future. The job of emptying the recycling bins will obviously still continue, but will be carried out by the pupils working on student reception on a daily basis.

You can also follow updates from the Student Council via our Twitter account: @KimberleySV


Current News

Our First Year at The Kimberley School

Before we started here we were all very nervous and didn’t know what to expect; we thought we would get lost and ‘the big kids’ would be mean, but it is the total opposite! On our first day, everybody was so welcoming and helped us around the school. You get to meet new people and become the best of friends; it is a wonderful feeling and is a new chapter in our book of life. All the teachers are helpful and push you to the best of your abilities. You will feel comfortable and, if you’re feeling down, there is always somewhere to go and someone to help you. There are lots of opportunities to try something new in all subjects and discover a side to you, you never knew existed.


Anti-Bullying Update

As your Student Voice, we have been working hard to fix the problem of bullying in The Kimberley School. So far, we have done surveys which you can find here:

We have also done assemblies to tell everyone what we have been doing to help people here. We are concentrating on posters to put around the school so we can get the anti-bullying message out to everyone.

There is an email that covers bullying so, if you need help, email here anonymously:

We hope that we can help you out the best we can and get the job done.