Parental Engagement

Parental Engagement is something all parents can do. Parental Engagement is NOT about teaching your children, it’s about showing them that what they do in school is important to you. We can show our children that we care by just talking to them about what they do in school. Research shows that by just having these regular conversations at home, your child’s grades can improve by an average of 15%!

School App

A free, smartphone app for parents called ‘School Gateway’ is available for download on Apple and Android.

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Any issues and queries about the app should be emailed to

Parent Consultation Evenings

Parent Consultation Evenings provide a valuable opportunity for parents/carers to discuss their children’s progress at The Kimberley School.

We use an online booking system:

A parents’ guide on how to register and book an appointment can be found here: Parents Evenings Parent Guide – TKS: