Frequently Asked Questions

1) How will the teachers know that my child has a Special Educational Need?

We liaise closely with our local Primary schools who pass on information about the students, including details of special educational or medical needs. Our Learning Support staff also attend review meetings for those students in Years 5 and 6 who have Statements or who are at School Action Plus. For students who come from out of catchment schools, we rely on their schools making us aware of any issues. If your child comes from a school that is out of our catchment and you are concerned that we may not be informed of any special needs your child has please contact us.

2) What happens if my child is being bullied?

Bullying sadly happens in all schools though at The Kimberley School is it a rare event and is dealt with promptly. If you suspect your child is being bullied, please contact your child’s tutor who can then take immediate action to support your child and prevent any further bullying from occurring.

3) My child has Dyslexia, how will the school support them?

This information will be passed on to us by your child’s primary school and this information will be passed on to your child’s teachers.

If you think that your child has Dyslexia but has never been tested for it, please inform your child’s tutor who can then make arrangements for testing to take place.

4) What happens if my child is late or has to leave school for an appointment?

If students are late on 3 occasions in a half term without an acceptable reason they will be detained after school for an hour and a half. If students arrive after registration they need to report to Student Reception where they will be marked in as late unless they have a good reason. If your child has to leave during the school day for an unavoidable appointment, please write a note in your child’s planner so they can show it to their class teacher and the Student Receptionist before they leave.

5) Do you have a school uniform?

We have a main uniform as well as a uniform for PE lessons. The main uniform consists of:

  • White shirt/blouse
  • Black trousers or a black skirt (that is of a sensible length please)
  • School tie with House colours
  • Sensible formal black shoes (no trainers or trainer style shoes please)
  • Black blazer with the school’s badge

We have a uniform sales evening in the Summer Term for Year 6 children. This information will be sent to you once your child’s place has been confirmed.

6) Will my child have a chance to visit the school before starting in September?

We have an Induction Club in June and July between 4 and 5 pm on a Tuesday which offers students whose place has been confirmed the chance to meet children from other schools. We also have Induction Day on the first Wednesday in July where all Year 6 students who are joining us the following September spend a day in their new Tutor Groups and meeting their new Tutor. Those students who may have difficulty in making the move to secondary school will be supported further.