At The Kimberley School we collaborate closely with the Kimberley Family of Schools (our linked primary schools) and our admissions policy reflects our commitment to this collaboration. The primary and junior schools that make up the Linked Primary Schools are Awsworth Primary, Gilthill Primary, Hollywell Primary, Kimberley Primary, Larkfields Junior and Mornington Primary and Horsendale Primary.

We are an inclusive school and welcome all applications and we will endeavour to provide places for children who do not attend the Kimberley Family of Schools provided they can be accommodated within the admission limit, which currently stands at 240 for Year 7. We do not select any students based on ability or aptitude.

In September, you will receive a letter from your local authority asking you to name your choice of secondary schools in order of preference. If you wish your child to attend The Kimberly School you are advised to place us as first choice. On the letter you receive there will be a return date and we strongly advise you to return your preferences to your local authority by that date. If you do not apply by the date given, the local authority will consider your application as a ‘Late Application’ and this will delay, or even prevent, you from gaining the school place that you have opted for.

In March, you will be advised by your local authority if you have been successful or not. There will be further information in this communication from your local authority telling you how you can appeal if you have not been successful.

If your circumstances change after application, please inform your local authority and us immediately. If you have not been successful in gaining a place and are on the school’s waiting list then this information could result in your child moving to a higher priority on the waiting list.

Admission Arrangements:

Admission Arrangements 2018-2019

Admission Arrangements 2019-2020

Admission Arrangements 2020-2021
Kimberley School Catchment Area (applies to arrangements for 2020-2021)