Kimberley School in the 1960s

During a recent clear-out of one of our school store cupboards, a box of cine film reels was unearthed. It could be seen from the titles on these cine films that they could well have interesting footage of the school, & the surrounding area of Kimberley. We enlisted the help of a local business to digitise the collection of cine films. These are now available for all to view by clicking on the titles below; unfortunately, sound wasn’t captured on the films but they still make interesting viewing.

Please feel free to share the links with friends or relatives and if you were in any of the films, or around during the time of the filming, please let us know or send any interesting stories to us at:


Kimberley School                        Local Studies                               Mr Hawk                                        Woodwork



Greenhouse and Show            Gateway Brackenhurst Exib            Views                                            Bypass



The Search                                    Never Again                                 Show Cont.                                    The Stagg Inn and Canal


Loose Film