Year 7 Maths


Curriculum Modules

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What homework will they be set?

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Autumn 1

The number system

● Calculate with negative numbers.

● Find factors and multiples of values.

● Recognise prime, square, cube

numbers and their roots

mymaths Ask what the prime numbers are up to 30.


● Order of operations.

● Number calculations.

mymaths Give your child calculations with up to 3 digit numbers.

Autumn 2


● Construct triangles accurately.

● Know the net of a cube.

mymaths Ensure your child has a geometry set.


● Collect like terms.

● Substitute values into expressions.

mymaths Help your child with calculations involving negative values.

Spring 1

Proportional reasoning

● Use and simplify ratios.

● Solve problems involving proportion.

mymaths Give a recipe for 4 people and ask how much would be needed for 12 or 10 people.


● Use a term to term rule to describe.

● Use a term to term rule to generate

a sequence.

mymaths Ask what a linear sequence is.

Spring 2

Fractions, decimals and percentages

● Calculate with fractions.

● Calculate with percentages.

mymaths Ask your child to give you equivalent fractions, decimals & percentages.

Summer 1

Calculating space

● Calculate the area of shapes.

● Calculate the volume of shapes.

mymaths Ask your child what formulae they know for the area of shapes.
Mathematical movement ● Use co-ordinates in all four


● Use transformations to move shapes.

mymaths Play the game Connect 5 together on mymaths.

Summer 2

Presentation of data

● Construct and interpret pie charts.

● Construct and interpret a line graph.

mymaths Ensure your child has a geometry set.

Measuring data

● Calculate and interpret averages.

● Use the mean to find a missing value.

mymaths Ask your child to explain what averages they know.


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Maths homework club Every lunchtime C2


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● Check mymaths results to make sure they are green and help your child work through the lesson on each

topic if they find it difficult.