Year 8 Maths


Curriculum Modules

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The Number System
  • Find the highest common factor and lowest common multiple.
  • Use power notation.
mymaths Ask how your child uses power notation.
  • Order of operations with brackets.
  • Number calculations with decimals, fractions and negative numbers.
mymaths Give your child calculations with fractions and check on a calculator.
  • Simplifying expressions.
  • Expanding brackets.
  • Substitute values into formulae.
mymaths Help your child with calculations involving negative values.
Spring Sequences
  • Describe a sequence with a rule.
  • Generate a sequence from a rule.
mymaths Play sequences beat the clock game on mymaths.
  • Calculate missing angles in shapes.
  • Explain reasoning using known angle facts.
mymaths Ensure your child has a geometry set.
Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Solve problems involving percentage changes.
mymaths Ask your child how to find percentages of a value.
Equations & inequalities
  • Solve equations using the balance method.
  • Check solutions using substitution.
mymaths Play equation dodo on mymaths.
Summer Calculating space
  • Calculate the area of shapes.
  • Calculate the perimeter of shapes.
mymaths Ask your child what formulae they know for the area of shapes.
Presentation of data
  • Construct and interpret graphs.
  • ·Select the most appropriate graph.
mymaths Ensure your child has a geometry set.


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Maths homework club Every lunchtime C2


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Check mymaths results to make sure they are green and help your child work through the lesson on each topic if they find it difficult.