Year 9 Maths


Curriculum Modules

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Autumn The number system
  • Convert between numbers in standard index form.
  • Work with powers and roots.
  •  Round values to a given degree of accuracy.
mymaths Ensure your child has a scientific calculator for all maths lessons.
Algebraic manipulation
  • Simplify more complex expressions.
  • Expanding more than one bracket.
  • Work with basic laws of indices.
mymaths Play algebra pairs 1
or 2 on mymaths.
Spring Sequences
  • Find the nth term of a sequence.
  • Use the nth term to determine values in a sequence.
mymaths Ask your child to explain why the nth term is used.
  • Solving equations with unknowns on both sides.
  • Forming equations from a practical situation.
mymaths Play sky solver equations on mymaths.
Summer Probability
  • Enumerate combinations systematically.
  • Understand and calculate theoretical and experimental probability.
mymaths Play beat the clock probability on mymaths.
  • Use and interpret scatter graphs.
  • Recognise and explain the meaning of scatter graphs.
mymaths Ask your child to give you two variables that would have positive, negative or no correlation.


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Maths homework club Every lunchtime C2


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Check mymaths results to make sure they are green and help your child work through the lesson on each topic if they find it difficult.


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